Launching your studies on Pavlovia§


Pushing your experiment from PsychoPy to pavlovia§

To load the task to we can either use the “run online” or the “sync to pavlovia” icons. The former will then try to run our task in the browser, the second will allow us to sync any changes without running the study. It is a good idea to sync little and often to keep track of the changes you make.


Pushing your experiment from PsychoPy to pavlovia§

Next we create a pavlovia project, select what group we load the project to and add details on the task.


Pushing your experiment from PsychoPy to pavlovia§

If we then go to our Experiments in the pavlovia Dashboard, we should see our task uploaded. We can see that currently it is inactive, change the status to pilot and then click “pilot” next to the View code option.


Finding your experiment on pavlovia§

You can find your experiment on pavlovia via the dashboard > experiments. This is where you can view your experiments, check if you have credits etc.


The Experiment page§

By clicking on one of your experiments, you can see the details of that project, set the state of your experiment and access the data.


Finding the data§

You can save your output in 2 ways:


Finding the data§

In reality, things may not always translate online smoothly (but we are working on it!).Let’s talk about how to get online confidently and some tips for translating experiments online in Debugging online