Building better experiments§


Using Builder§

All the base knowledge we assume at the start of this workshop can be learnt from this 15 minute video

This shows you how to make the ‘posnerHand’ demo available from previous examples


What makes a PsychoPy experiment?§

Open the posnerHand.psyexp file. An experiment in Builder has:


The conditions file§

Open the conditions.xlsx file…

If you are going to change something on every repeat of a routine (e.g. stimulus location changes on each trial) you can use a Conditions file. This is fed into the loop surrounding the routine.

Each header is a parameter, each row corresponds to the value of that parameter on each repeat/trial.


Making edits§

As a general styling tip, we suggest to keep the number of routines to a minimum. Got several sets of instructions? use a loop!

First, let’s practice making edits to make sure we are comfortable with builder view.


Exercises (10 minutes)§


Running online studies§

So now we have a very simple experiment that works locally, let’s see how we would get that online.

This is where the globe symbols come in, which represet online functionality.


Running online studies§

To get our study online, we check that we are signed into our pavlovia acount. Then we ‘sync’ our project. As we create the project we have the options to:


Running online studies§

To view your study online, log into pavlovia.org, you will see your experiment under Dashboard > Experiments.

Let’s get some data!

(Please do not use any identifying information in your participant ID)



OK we have now seen the basics of running a study online. Let’s talk about some other aspects of the pavlovia environment…

The Pavlovia environment