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  • 3-day workshop (US east coast time) January 26th - January 28th 2022 Information here

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There are many resources to help you learn the various aspects of PsychoPy (and most of them are free!)

For users that have a budget, and want some direct training from the Open Science Tools team (who create PsychoPy), we now run frequent 3 day workshops here with a range of topics and timezones.

Alternatively, we are trying out some shorter 3 hour introductory sessions which can also be booked on a departmental bases through contacting us.

We were planning also to run a new modular Summer School, called PaMPR (Programming and Methods in Psychology Research). We’ll be monitoring the situation to see whether that can run either remotely or in-person.

PaMPR (Programming and Methods in Psychology Research)

2022 dates To Be Confirmed

This is a new thing! It’s a joint venture with Nottingham Trent University. I’m afraid we don’t have the draft program in place yet but the general idea is to create a 5 day modular summer school. There will be a number of sessions running continuously on the main programming languages:

  • Python and PsychoPy

  • R

  • Matlab

as well as various specialist methods sections such as:

  • EEG

  • eye-tracking

  • web experiments

The whole thing will be more modular, so you can drop into whichever sessions you want the most. We hope it will offer a richer learning environment than we can provide with the PsychoPy team on its own.

We’ll probably finish with a day of mini-conference for people to share methods new(ish) they’re developing that others might find interesting.

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