PsychoPy translation workshop

Introductions and expectations

Translations in PsychoPy®

How experiment designers implement this in PsychoPy®

* WARNING: Be careful playing with this as you might end up with menus that you cannot read, including how to change the locale back!

Visualisation of how PsychoPy® provides translated menus, etc.

Image of a how .po and .mo files interact to allow PsychoPy to implement translations into other languages

Rough overview of how translators make this happen


  1. translate “strings” in a messages.po file
  2. commit and push those changes to GitHub
  3. make a pull request on GitHub to request incorporation of those changes into the current release of PsychoPy®

NOTE: The .mo file will automatically be generated during the subsequent minor (aka “bug-fix”) release of PsychoPy®

Prerequisites to translating

thorough proficiency in at least three things, requiring months or years of study:

NOT prerequisites

(since today’s workshop covers these topics)


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