Creating Experiments in PsychoPy


Hosted by Sue Lynn Mah

When? Next session to be confirmed

Where? Virtual (Zoom)

What will I learn? This workshop will cover the basics of getting started with PsychoPy Builder to make experiments. The session is suitable for beginners with little experience of PsychoPy. Topics will include:

  • Presenting stimuli (e.g. images, text)

  • Gathering keyboard responses (measuring response times and accuracy)

  • Block designs and counterbalancing

Why attend a workshop? Unlike a YouTube video or webinar, this is a “hands on” learning experience with a member of our team to guide you. You make an experiment at the same time as us, you can ask questions in real-time.

How can I register? Book a ticket or apply for a waiver.

Links will appear when dates available

Want to learn about this without the hands on support of the team? Here’s a You Tube video to get you started!

What do I need in advance?

  • The only base knowledge we will assume for this workshop can be learned from this 15 minute video.

  • Download a recent version of PsychoPy.

  • A free account (for workshops using

  • For virtual/hybrid workshops two monitors that can be beneficial.

  • A Zoom account

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