Creating Experiments in PsychoPy (3 days)

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May 25th-27th

US East Coast

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These sessions are designed to build confidence creating experiments and getting them online, as well as start learning the basics of python programming. We can be quite flexible with what we cover in these sessions but we keep to some broad themes to facilitate most attendees. Typically the timetable will appear as follows:


Note that on day 3 we are currently trialling 2 parallel sessions on Advanced Builder. We hope that there will be a bit of something for everyone with several experience levels!

The only base knowledge we will assume for this workshop can be learned from this 15 minute video.

You will need to download a recent version of PsychoPy and register for a free account to follow along with the tasks we create in the workshop. If you have access to two monitors that can be beneficial, although not essential.

We run the workshops using a combination of zoom and slack. The slack channel is designed to encourage interaction throughout and provides a few benefits:

  • This provides a location to ask questions throughout (for those apprehensive to use the mic).

  • Questions are monitored by other PsychoPy team members, meaning you can get feedback from the whole team.

  • The conversations are archived, so you can come back to the answers to yours and others questions later.

Tickets can be purchased from the Pavlovia store

All of our materials are openly available in web page (links below) or and HTML slide format.

You can also download and unzip a range of pre-made demos that we work from.

We are aware that online teaching via zoom can raise accessibility issues and we want to ensure everyone gets the training they need. If you have special requirements or want to arrange one-to-one training please contact us directly at

Day 3: Parallel sessions

Python focus - for those wanting to learn more advanced coding concepts for general use:

Experiment focus - for those wanting to learn more advanced tips with Builder for experiment creation:

General Python Syntax

Python focus - for those wanting to learn more advanced coding concepts for general use:

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