Creating Experiments in PsychoPy (3 days)§


Upcoming events§

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May 19th-21st East Coast Link


These sessions are designed to build confidence creating experiments and getting them online, as well as start learning the basics of python programming in general. We can be quite flexible with what we cover in these sessions but we will keep the themes quite broad to facilitate most attendees. Typically the timetable with appear as follows:


What do I need to know in advance?§

The only base knowledge we will assume for this workshop can be learnt from this 15 minute video .


What technology and/or software will I need to make the most of the workshops?§

You will need to download a recent version of PsychoPy and register for a free Pavlovia account in order to follow along with the tasks we create in the workshop.

We run the workshops using a combination of zoom and slack. The slack channel is designed to encourage interaction throughout and provides a few benefits:


How can I purchase tickets?§

Tickets can be purchased from the pavlovia store



The slides and materials for this workshop can be accessed Here