Running experiments online with


Hosted by Rebecca Hirst

When? August 21st, 15:30 - 17:00 (UK time)

Where? Virtual (Zoom)

What will I learn? This workshop will introduce you to how to run experiments online with

We will assume some knowledge with building experiments in PsychoPy if you have never made an experiment in PsychoPy we recommend attending our session on creating experiments. The topics covered in this session will include:

  • Getting your experiment to

  • Daisy chaining your online experiment with other platforms

  • Special considerations for online experiments (e.g. how to control stimulus size)

Why attend a workshop? Unlike a YouTube video or webinar, this is a “hands on” learning experience with a member of our team to guide you. You make an experiment at the same time as us, you can ask questions in real-time.

How can I register? Book a ticket or apply for a waiver.

How can I register? Book a ticket or apply for a waiver.

Links will appear when dates available

Want to learn about this without the hands on support of the team? Here’s a You Tube video to get you started!

What do I need in advance?

  • The only base knowledge we will assume for this workshop can be learned from this 15 minute video.

  • Download a recent version of PsychoPy.

  • A free account (for workshops using

  • For virtual/hybrid workshops two monitors that can be beneficial.

  • A Zoom account

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