Creating Experiments in PsychoPy (3 hours)


We typically deliver these sessions in a 3 hour format, and aim to cover 3 broad topics - in reality, we tend to tailor what we talk about depending on questions fromt he audience!


Our 3hr sessions are designed to give a broad introduction to using PsychoPy, we aim to make materials useful for beginners but also include useful tips and tricks for those already familiar with PsychoPy. We deliver our 3hr workshops in “open” format, meaning anyone can attend for free, we advertise events on eventbrite and anyone can register.

If you want a departmental session we charge a small fee (£100) - please contact to enquire.

Upcoming open/free events



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What can I do to prepare?

We recommend watching this 15 minute video in advance of the session, this can get you up to speed on the materials we cover in the workshop. We believe very much in learning by doing our workshops work best if attendees follow along with making an experiment on their own computer whilst we talk through it’s creation.


The slides and materials for this workshop can be accessed Here:

These materials will remain open for you to use and share, but may be updated as we continue developing workshop content.


We are aware that online teaching via zoom can raise accessibility issues and we want to ensure everyone gets the training they need. If you have special requirements or want to arrange one-to-one training please contact us directly at

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