Creating Experiments in PsychoPy (3 hours)

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April 22nd

14:00 - 17:00 (London time)

Register here .



open format sessions We are now running regular 3hr workshops in an ‘open’ format. These sessions are free, and anyone from any institution can attend. Please note that places are limited, so if you are unable to attend please cancel your ticket in advance so that others may register.

departmental sessions If you would like to organise one of our 3hr sessions for your department please contact us directly via workshops at we typically charge a small fee for these sessions (£100).


These sesssions are intended to give a basic introduction to getting online from builder and start using code to make your experiments more flexible.

The base knowledge that we will assume in advance can be learnt in this 15 minute video .

What technology and/or software will I need to make the most of the workshops?

  • Zoom - to stream the sessions

  • PsychoPy - we recommend downloading a recent version

  • Pavlovia - please register for a free acount here .


The slides and materials for this workshop can be accessed Here These materials will remain open for you to use and share, but may be updated as we continue developing workshop content.

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